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The Beautiful Time: Photography by Sammy Baloji
The Beautiful Time presents recent photographs and large-scale photomontages by Sammy Baloji.


The Museum for African Art provides resource materials for teachers including teacher guides based on Museum exhibitions that include artwork, primary sources, sample lesson plans, bibliographies, and background material about African art and current issues in Africa. Teacher guides may be downloaded for free and can be printed and photocopied for use in the classroom.

Dan'etta with children

Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope)

April 18, 2013

This educator's guide for the exhibition Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope), provides an overview of the works by the artist, Jane Alexander, while highlighting global themes such as Human Rights and Social Justice and situating them within the context of her art. Furthermore, this guide is designed to empower educators of third to twelfth grade students with additional teaching tools to engage the contemporary art in this exhibition. Although developed for class visits to the exhibition, educators will find this resource a useful supplement in introducing their students to an intriguing example of South African contemporary art.

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El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa

April 6, 2011

Based on the exhibition El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa, this educator's guide explores the life, works, and processes of contemporary artist El Anatsui.  Designed for K-12 teachers in mind, the guide provides a brief overview of El Anatsui’s life; highlights examples of his works of art, each with suggested discussion questions and activities; and contains lesson plans, a map, artist timeline, and annotated list of web sites.  This resource guide may be used in connection with class visits to the exhibition or as an independent curricular resource.

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A Congo Chronicle: Patrice Lumumba in Urban Art

January 8, 2009

A Congo Chronicle: Patrice Lumumba in Urban Art is the first major exhibition dedicated to Congolese popular painting. During the past thirty years, one of its main subjects has been the dramatic political career of Patrice Lumumba, a major figure in the Congolese independence movement who has become an important symbol of African self-determination.

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Grass Roots: African Origins of an American Art

September 1, 2008

This guide approaches the study of history through the ancient craft and modern art of basketry. It encourages an interdisciplinary study by students as they integrate their understanding of history, geography, social studies, and art. While the importance of baskets as agricultural tools has diminished, basketry still serves as an expression of an artistic vision, cultural identity, and as a source of income for many people.

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Reflections: African Art Is...

August 1, 2005
Reflections: African Art Is...Teachers' Guide gives a brief introduction to Africa and what is considered "traditional" African art. It moves on to discuss art from around the continent through themes such as "Artifacts as Art," "Beautiful and Useful," as well as modern and contemporary African art.
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Resonance from the Past: African Sculpture from the New Orleans Museum of Art

February 1, 2005
Resonance from the Past: African Sculpture from the New Orleans Museum of Art Teachers' Guide is divided into two main section that will help you to understand the two main themes of the exhibition.  The first section explores the influence of African culture in New Orleans, from the arrival of African slaves to the birth of Jazz.  The second section looks into the Yoruba and Dogon, the two largest groups represented in the exhibit.  This section provides information on Yoruba and Dogon culture and the socio-cultural roles of objects exhibited in Resonance from the Past.  Throughout this guide, you will find discussion questions and activities that may be infused with your curriculum.
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Personal Affects: Power and Poetics in Contemporary South African Art

September 1, 2004

Personal Affects is part of Season South Africa, a project showcasing some of the diversity and creativity that is characteristic of the "new" South Africa--ten years after the country's first democratic election. In February 2004, seventeen artists visited New York to view the spaces at the Museum for African Art and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  They were then commissioned to create artowrk in response to the venues. 

This guide is divided into five sections that are relevant to the themes of the exhibition.  Each section presents information about South Africa, which will help guide you through some of the subject matter addressed by most of the artists in the exhibition.

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Museum for African Art educational programming is supported, in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, the May and Samuel Rudin Foundation, and Jack Rudin.